About Us

Seiha Heng is a founder and designer of his own design label base in Berlin, Germany. He originally comes from Cambodia and has been living in Berlin for several years. He speaks German and English. 


His philosophy is " local, beautiful, handmade design". Support local design and conscious buying. Each piece is unique and handcrafted with love and know-how.


Over the last 10 years, he had worked in Cambodia with local handicrafts producers, weavers, and designers  who transfer traditional textile craftsmanship from generation to generation. 


This has been the beginnings of his passion for textile and fashion design has been awakened. He was then trained in the creation and design of clothing and sewing skills. His design collection offers fashion made in Berlin for women as well as for men. All pieces are designed by him and handmade in his studio in Berlin.


Main collection:
Outerwear (jacket & waistcoat) 


Ascot tie



Pocket squares/handkerchiefs

Unisex: leather accessories/bag/stationery 

Besides his handwork and design work he is a passionate photographer. The following is a link to his creative photo work: www.heng.photography